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Our Tribe is like finding your home away from home, a place where you belong and can truly be yourself. It's a collective of people who share your passions, your desire for growth, and your yearning for connection. We're all about embracing life's journey through movement, yoga, and the power of sacred ceremonies and rituals.

Imagine stepping into a world where you leave behind the stresses and routines of everyday life and embark on a transformative adventure. Our Tribe retreats are your passport to the happiest corners of our beautiful planet, both the well-known destinations and the hidden gems. We're all about creating experiences that change your life.

At Tribe retreats, we're not just a community; we're a family. We live and breathe rituals that help us express ourselves, reflect on our innermost thoughts, forge meaningful connections with others, and find healing in the process. These rituals aren't just occasional events; they're part of our daily lives, guiding us on our paths of self-discovery and growth.

Our core belief is simple: Love. We embrace every soul with love, intention, and unconditional acceptance, regardless of their background or differences. We see the beauty in diversity and believe that it enriches our shared experience. So, whether you're a seasoned traveler or a first-time adventurer, our Tribe is here to welcome you with open arms. Join us for a journey that goes beyond the ordinary, where you'll find not just a community but a second family that will support you in your quest for personal transformation and fulfillment.

yoga retreat in Spain
yoga and fitness retreat in Spain

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November 15-17, 2024

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"This has honestly been one of the best experiences of my life and this is thanks to the wonderful humans that have surrounded me for these past few days, all connected together so beautifully by Katie & Lina. Thank you so much for getting me out of my comfort zone."

Kim, UK

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