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Terms & Conditions

Please CAREFULLY read all policies below. 

By purchasing Tribe Retreats you are agreeing to all Terms and Conditions stated below.


The Terms and Conditions laid down below, apply to any person or guest that has a commercial relation with Tribe Retreats.

Bookings and Confirmed Bookings

Reservations can be done using Paythen. Non-confirmed or unanswered inquiries are not guaranteed reservations and are subject to availability. Guaranteed reservations require deposit payment, an email confirmation with confirmed reservation details received from us. No contract will exist between you and Tribe Retreats until we receive the deposit of the required services from you. 


The balance must always be paid 1 month before the start of the retreat, prior to the given date. 

Agreement and Registration Forms must be signed and returned before the retreat start date.


The price is the exact amount to be received by us, irrespective of fluctuations in currency and irrespective of any third party transfer charges. If you choose to pay by electronic transfer, please instruct your bank to charge all costs to you in order to avoid a shortfall in the amount that we receive. 

We will email you our banking account details on request. 

Any personal information that you provide us with will be used only for the service you requested.

Cancellation by you 

You may cancel your booking at any time providing that the cancellation is made by the person submitting the booking form and is notified to us in writing. Cancellation will take effect the day such notification is received by us. 


We kindly remind you that the deposit is NOT refundable.
If cancelled less than 8 weeks before the start of the retreat, the full cost is non-refundable.

Cancellation by us 

We reserve the right in any circumstances to cancel a retreat, in which case we will offer a FULL refund of all money paid within 20 working days. In particular our retreats require a minimum number of people to have booked by 30 days before the start date. If this minimum number is not reached by that date we may cancel and refund the money to you. 


In the event of cancellation due to any exceptional circumstances such as natural disasters, terrorist activity, civil/political unrest, global pandemic or travel restrictions, FULL amount or deposit will be reimbursed.


Important : Please confirm that the retreat has reached minimum capacity before purchasing your airline tickets, if required. Flights and/or additional accommodation costs and/or general travel expenses will NOT be reimbursed if we cancel the retreat.


The additional purchase of Travel Insurance is highly recommended to provide the utmost protection and to prevent financial loss. 

Travel Arrangements 

All travel arrangements are your responsibility and at your own cost. We shall not be held liable for any consequences arising from delays or cancellations in any of the companies you may have made arrangements with, or for any irregularities in your documentation required for travel. If you arrive earlier than the first day of the retreat you will be responsible for your accommodation and transfers. 


A valid Passport is required if you are leaving your home country to attend the retreat. 

Liability and Insurance 

Travel insurance is NOT included in the price of the retreat and is highly recommended for ultimate protection.

Tribe Retreats cannot be held responsible for any loss, accidents or/and injury within or outside the premises. All guests are advised to have their own life and travel insurance. Your travel insurance should cover the activity of this retreat as well as unexpected cancellation, sickness, losses and all the usual risks. 

Any damage done to the Villa is required to be reimbursed in full by the guest.


Please be sure to advise us of any health conditions before you book. If you experience any injury or discomfort during any activity during the retreat, then you must stop immediately and consult us. If you do not advise us of your health conditions, we reserve the right to cancel your booking. 


Occasionally, changes may have to be made (e.g yoga teacher, surf instructor, class times or other arrangements), which we reserve the right to do at any time. 

Our liability to you 

We do NOT accept any liability for cancellations, delays or changes caused by war, threat of war, terrorist actions or threats, closure of airports, civil strife, industrial action, natural disaster, technical problems to transport, staff cancellations, unforeseen changes in your personal circumstances or other events beyond our control. 

We are NOT liable for any injuries you may incur. Yoga classes and other activities are undertaken at your own risk. We are NOT liable for any medical or psychiatric conditions which may develop during or subsequent to the retreat. We are not liable for loss of, or damage to, your personal property. 

Note : We strongly advise you to check your local embassy and/or your destination’s official government websites for the travel restrictions in the area you plan to visit prior to booking. We also advise you to check the rules for re-entering your country. As the situation continues to evolve around the world, countries have started imposing restrictions on their own nationals returning from abroad.

We are not responsible nor liable for any retreat participant who contracts Covid (any strain) before, during, or after the retreat.

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