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Lina and Katie's story of coming together and starting Tribe Retreats is truly inspiring. It's a reminder that sometimes, the most unexpected connections can lead to the most fulfilling and rewarding partnerships. Their shared passion for helping others live healthier, more mindful lives is something that many people can relate to, especially in today's fast-paced world.


Our ethos at Tribe Retreats centers around transformation, unity, and a passionate commitment to fostering a strong, supportive community.

// Holistic Well-Being

Our Tribe Retreats are all about looking after your mind, body, and spirit. It's like a big warm embrace for your well-being. We've got programs that'll keep you active, help you find inner peace, and give your spirit a boost. We're here to make sure every part of you is taken care of during your retreat.

// Community and Connection

When you join us, you become part of a wonderful tribe. Our retreats are like a reunion of like-minded souls. We're all about creating opportunities for real connections and offering each other support on our unique journeys. We know that a sense of belonging is like fertile soil for personal growth.

// Empowerment and Growth

Tribe Retreats are your personal journey to empowerment and growth. We'll equip you with the tools, encouragement, and experiences to unlock your potential, boost your confidence, and become the best version of yourself. It's about taking the reins of your journey and making positive, lasting changes in your life.

// Lina

Lina Jurevičiūtė is a passionate vinyasa, power & yin yoga teacher, cacao ceremony facilitator, sound and reiki healer. She strongly believes that through the power of our breath and movement we can transform not just our body but our mind too.


Lina has started her yoga journey over 12 years ago and now is teaching around Europe and Asia, leading retreats, workshops and wellness getaways. Lina places a big emphasis on the internal experience, rather than on external appearances so in her classes and retreats expect to move through creative flows using your breath that will guide you into this extraordinary journey through your mind, body and soul. On our yoga mats Lina guides you with ease and open mind where we all learn from our past, strengthening our present and building our future. It’s never just about the poses - Lina encourages to delve much deeper to find the true connection and inner stillness.

"I'm eager to share these heart-liberating practices as a path to healing, passing along the invaluable experiences that guided me on my journey. Countless stories are waiting to be woven, and I'm looking forward to connecting and listening to the unique narratives that unfold within each of you.""


// Katie

Katie Grover is a mindset, nutrition and fitness coach with over 7 years experience of helping 100s of women find they’re happy when it comes to looking after themselves better.

Katie believes that the only way to impact meaningful, sustainable and enjoyable change is to fuel this mission with deep self love.

Katie’s unique method involves finding a pattern of movement, training and nourishment that  makes you thrive. No punishment, no restriction - instead it is about bringing your brain on board with this journey of looking after you better.

“Helping women find joy in looking after themselves again is what I love to do. So frequently the women I work with feel disconnected from their bodies. They’ve spent so long judging themselves and looking at themselves from the outside that they’ve forgotten who they truly are. I love to help women reconnect with themselves, with their purpose, with how they want to be living their one and only incredible lives.”


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